Bland v. Roberts Case

On March 3rd, 2011 the court case Bland v. Roberts took place in Hampton Virginia dealing with employees of a sheriff. The court case Bland v. Roberts is about four deputies and two civilians employees (Bobby Bland, Daniel Ray Carter Jr., David W. Dixon, Robert E. McCoy, John C. Sandhofer, and Debra H. Woodward) were fired by their boss B.J. Roberts after they liked a Facebook page of an opponent of their boss (Jim Adams) who was running for sheriff for of Hampton,Virginia. Also, putting bumper stickers on their cars and making statements favoring the opponent of their boss Jim Adams. The victims of being fired sued B.J. Roberts individually for wrongful termination feeling that their First Amendment right of speech was being violated. Then a U.S. District court judge in Virginia felt that liking a page on Facebook do not have anything to do with speech so, he ruled that the terminations do not violate the First Amendment. Now the decision is being brought to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, The Sheriff’s Office said that the defendants liking that Facebook page had no relation to them being terminated. The Fourth Circuit found that Roberts was entitled to fire the employees for political reasons involving his campaign running for sheriff.




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